Food for Thought Week 1 – S’mores on a Stick

I recently received a crème brulee torch as a Christmas gift and needed to find out where to get the butane that goes in it.  I did an internet search for “butane refill” and came across a bunch of recipes to use my torch on.  This one for S’mores on a Stick, from, sounded like a good one to start with.  Only three ingredients and super simple.  I made them for New Year’s Eve and we “toasted” in the New Year : )


What you need:

4 squares Bakers semi-sweet chocolate

12 Jet-Puffed Jumbomallows marshmallows

3 Graham crackers crushed

To Make:

Melt chocolate in small microwavable bowl as directed on package.

Dip top halves of marshmallows into melted chocolate; coat with graham cracker crumbs.

Insert lollipop sticks into coated side of each marshmallow; place on waxed paper-lined tray.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.  Toast tops before serving.  If you don’t have a crème brulee torch, you can place under the broiler until browned and bubbly.

This was a really simple treat to make and so much fun to serve.  And if you’re trying to watch your calories, like me, they’re only 150 cal. each.  Additionally, they were much easier and less messy to eat than traditional S’mores.  I think I will make them for our next camping trip!


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