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Homefront Week 1- Projects for 2013

So one of my goals this year is to get to all the projects around the house that I have been wanting to do for a very long time but just never got around to.   So far, I have had success sticking to my resolutions by jotting them down and holding myself accountable. It’s only January 7 and I have already organized all my kitchen drawers, completed a 5-day detox, and am halfway to finishing my closet clean out.  Phew, it’s been a busy week.  Just like all the rest of my resolutions I need to start with a plan.  These are the top 5 projects I would like to complete this year:

Re-cover the cornice boxes in my family room.  I currently have a red/gold/green stripe fabric and would like to change to something more neutral so I can update my color palette as I feel like throughout the seasons.  I’m thinking something like this:

                                                     Traditional Kitchen design by Charlotte Interior Designer Katie Emmons Design

Paint the coffee table to give it a fresh look.  I love this mottled turquoise/green combination:

Paint my front door a bright color.  I initially wanted to paint the door black, but recently saw a house with a bold green door and fell in love with it.  I really like this color by Benjamin Moore – Baby Fern:

Cover the fireplace surround and hearth with glass tile, something similar to this:

Replace existing island top with butcher block to increase my workspace area in the kitchen:

Most of the projects are very low-cost as far as the materials.  It’s just the time and effort to get them done.  Now that I have my plan in place the first project I’m going to get started on right away are the window coverings in the family room.  That means fabric shopping tomorrow!  I already have cornice boxes built, so it’s just a matter of covering them with the new fabric.  I should only need about 4 yards total.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I will have photo updates for you next week!

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