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Clutter Control Week 2 – Desk Armoire

P1000191_edited-1Do you remember, before flat screens, how humongous TVs used to be?  We had one of those ridiculously large televisions and it was impossible to find an entertainment center big enough to hold it.  After searching and searching for something that would work and not finding anything, my husband decided to build it himself.  I found a picture of an armoire that I liked and he re-created it exactly, but to the dimensions we needed to fit our TV.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed with his handiwork.  It was way better than anything I had looked at and was completely custom.  The armoire was built to last, but the TV, not so much.  When it finally bit the dust, we upgraded to a flat screen, which of course did not work with the armoire.  I hated to get rid of it.  He had put so much work into it and it really was a great piece of furniture.  So, we decided to turn it into a computer desk and homework station.  It didn’t take much alteration, he just made the shelf a pullout for the computer and installed overhead lighting.  The printer fit perfectly down below where the TV components used to go.  It worked out great, but overtime became a catchall for clutter and a hiding place for junk when company was coming over.

Now I am taking it back!  This will be my new workstation, a place to write my blog, pay bills, search the Internet, etc.  First things first . . . I took everything out and purged what was unneeded and only kept items that I would use on a regular basis.  Next, I looked at how I could make it more functional.  The desktop was so cluttered it really was unusable.  Just like decorating any small space, going vertical is the way to go.  I went to Staples and purchased a corkboard and magnetic whiteboard so I could get files, pencil holders and other items off the desktop and hung on the interior walls.  Here are the before and after photos:

Before - Yikes!
Before – Yikes!
After - Ahh!
After – Ahh!

Now that I have a clean organized workspace, the only thing left to do is make it pretty!  The key to having a workspace you actually want to work in is to make it beautiful as well as functional.  I went to my favorite website for stylish office supplies, See Jane Work, for inspiration.  These are the items I’m thinking about getting:


1. My office inspiration  2. Stickers to jazz up my desk calendar  3. Scrollwork file holder  4. Every stylish office needs matching pencils  5. Magazine holders will go down below to store reference materials  6. Sassy Kate Spade file folders

I’m also thinking about putting up wallpaper on the back wall for a punch of color and I love this Marrakesh Honey wallpaper from Urban Outfitters:


I love my new workspace!  I have a feeling I’m going to be very productive here.  Ok, that’s all for now . . . gotta get to work!


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