Fashion Police – Closet Clean Out Update

Last week I began my closet clean out adventure, spending 10 minutes a day purging, cleaning and sorting.  Now I can report to you, 5 garbage bags later (3 actual garbage, 1 donation, and 1 consignment), I am finished.  I did not take before pictures because it was just to horrific, but here are the after:


So, now that I have completed this step, I can take inventory of what I have and make a list of what I need to complete my basic wardrobe.  Real Simple has a wardrobe basics list for each season you can fill out online and it saves it for you.  I have to say, there are not many things on this list that I need, but I definitely could use a new basic white button-down shirt.  It is a staple in any wardrobe and can be used in so many different combinations.  Here are two that I like and how I would style them:


This basic button-down from White House/Black Market can be worn with anything from denim and a boyfriend cardigan to a day at the office like I’ve shown here.  Pair with a basic pencil skirt & tights, striped jacket with a studded belt around the outside and a tall boot.  Classic!


I also love this longer sheer button-down from Amazon.  I would wear this with a shorter zippered jacket undone, skinny black denim and a wedge bootie.  Perfect for a girls night out!

Now I’m off to the consignment store to see if I can get some cash to pay for these new pieces ; )


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