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Creative Outlet – Chalkboard Tray

Ok, I’m just going to come clean and make this admission: “My name is Lynne and I’m a chalkboard paint addict.”  I don’t know why it has the power over me that it does, but I just can’t get enough of it.  I’ve painted closet doors, made a chalkboard for my dining room, made labels for baskets . . . you get the idea.  I’ve been on a self-imposed chalkboard paint detox for several months now and haven’t relapsed once, until today that is.  You see, I bought this wooden tray at a flea market a while ago, scored from the bargain table for a mere $1!


I have been wracking my brain on exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Should I paint it? Decoupage it?  Cover it with fabric?  Then today I was out in the garage and found a leftover can of, yep, chalkboard paint.  I immediately thought of my bargain flea market tray and knew today would be the day I fell off the wagon.  I am not going to dwell on it, what’s done is done.  I do, however, have this pretty awesome serving tray that I’m really going to enjoy using.


How about this?  A self-serve martini bar with the recipe for the perfect dry martini!  I know, right?  Or maybe I’ll use it for serving cheese and wine.  Oh the possibilities are endless.  All I know is right now, after all my hard work, I’m making myself a martini, dirty that is.

Don’t worry, no intervention will be necessary.  I had my daughter hide what was left of the can so I wouldn’t be tempted to paint anything else.


11 thoughts on “Creative Outlet – Chalkboard Tray

  1. Visiting from home creations everyday….what a clever idea! A little more interesting than putting it all onto a silver tray. My mind is buzzing with what I can paint with chalkboard paint! Can I get it at The Home Depot or Lowes?

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