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Clutter Control – The Family Jewels

DSC01390Ok, football season is officially over and I cannot mope around and feel bad about the 49ers any longer.  It’s time to get back on track with my program, so I thought I would do a little organizing.  I have been looking at the mess that is the top of my dresser for quite some time and meaning to do something with my jewelry.  I have a lot of costume jewelry that I wear all the time and I like to keep it out so I can decide what to wear with my outfit du jour, but it doesn’t look so great just scattered all over the top of my dresser.  So I decided to create jewelry displays made out of frames, sheets of cork and leftover scrapbook paper.  I call them my family jewels because instead of family photos in the frames it’s my jewelry. HA!

All you need to do is take the glass out of the frame, cover the cardboard insert with cork (you can buy it by the roll at any office supply store) and then cover the cork with decorative paper.  Then simply attach straight pins to hang your jewelry from.


I also found this really cool gold nest at a flea market and thought it would be the perfect home for some of my bracelets.



Ahh!  I’m feeling better already.  If you’re ever feeling down, organize something.  It’s a quick pick-me-up!

Here are a couple of other great examples of jewelry organization:



3 thoughts on “Clutter Control – The Family Jewels

  1. What a lovely way to display jewelry! It puts all your favorite pieces within view (it’s horrible, but sometimes I forget about some pieces I have!), but also is a work of art. Great, great, great idea!!! Thank you!

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