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Homefront – Photo Gallery

I have several framed family photographs that have been stacked in a box in the closet of my spare bedroom just waiting to be hung.  I have a hallway perfect for a photo gallery so my only excuse for not hanging them is procrastination.  I get asked by my clients all the time for advise on hanging their artwork, photographs, etc. and how to arrange them.  I have a foolproof method that I share with them that takes the hassle and guesswork out of the job.  Now it’s time to take my own advise and just get to it.

1.   Lay out your frames on wrapping paper and trace the outline.  Cut out template and place on the back of the frame; trace the holes where the nails go.  Label the template with a description of the photo so you’ll remember which frame it goes with.


2.  Create an arrangement on your wall with your paper templates.  The focal point of your arrangement should be at eye level.  Don’t hang too high or space your templates too far apart.  Start in the middle of your wall and then add on to either side, that way you can always add to your arrangement as you collect more photos.  Also, if you have matching frames great, if not don’t worry about it.  I think mismatched frames create the feel of a collected gallery, which to me is more interesting anyway.


3.  Once you have your templates in the arrangement you like, simply nail right over the paper where you’ve marked the nail holes.  If the frame has two nail holes you will want to use a level to make sure they will hang straight.  Hang your pictures and you are done!  It took me less than an hour from start to finish.


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