A Day to Remember


Today is Good Friday and the beginning of the Easter weekend.  My kids are older now and I long for the days of coloring eggs and preparing lavish treasure hunts, leaving clues around the house leading them to their overfilled baskets of candy and treats.  I remember seeing their faces as they finally figured out that last clue and running as fast as they could to where their bounty was waiting.

I have fond memories of one year in particular, my youngest daughter was very little, probably too young to understand the true meaning of Easter, but I wanted to try to explain it to her none-the-less.  I wanted them to know that Easter was not just about a bunny leaving a basket of goodies and plastic eggs filled with candy, it was also about the sacrifice Jesus made for us in order to save us from our sins.  Quite a lot for a three-year-old to take in!

Later that evening, as the entire family gathered around the dinner table, my daughter says “Hey Grandma, do you know the REAL story about Easter?”  We all just sat silently waiting to hear what came out of her little mouth and I was thinking “hmmm, this should be interesting”.  My mother-in-law said “Well, I think I do, but why don’t you tell me the REAL story”.  She sat there for a minute, trying to put it all into words, and then blurted out “You know, it’s when the Easter Bunny killed Jesus!”  Obviously my attempts to separate the fun traditions of Easter with its true meaning were lost on a toddler, but we re-tell that story every year as we sit down to our Easter dinner and laugh hysterically.

So today, as we head into a weekend filled with baking, egg coloring and basket filling, may we never forget the true meaning of Easter and the reason we celebrate this most holiest of holidays.

Happy Easter! Vintage-Easter-Image-Best-Bunny-GraphicsFairy

Images courtesy of Graphics Fairy


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