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What Makes Your Heart Sing?


I recently picked up these notecards at Target.  They totally spoke to me (or should I say tweeted).  They remind me that I need to do something creative every single day, because that is what makes my heart sing.  There are many ways I find to be creative, from trying a new recipe or arranging flowers from the grocery store, to re-designing my bedroom or painting a coffee table.  No matter what it is, being creative always lifts my mood and makes me feel alive.

Today’s creative outlet was arranging some flowers I picked up at Trader Joe‘s.  From a bouquet of roses and a bouquet of snapdragons I made these two arrangements:

spring flowers     roses&snapdragons

Aren’t they gorgeous?  I love how fresh flowers add so much color and beauty into my world.  My heart is definitely singing!  So what makes your heart sing . . . and is it singing every day????

6 thoughts on “What Makes Your Heart Sing?

  1. Yay! I do not do daily creative things enough. I have been wanting to paint this yucky plastic table on our patio and pretend I am at an awesome sidewalk cafe when I sit outside on the weekends sipping joe. Reading this is the inspiration I needed! I will make it a goal for the next nice day.

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