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Start With a Plan

I will be hosting another decorating workshop this Sunday, March 16, at Blue Line Arts in Roseville, CA.  Among the topics we will cover are defining your personal style, creating a floor plan, color scheme and vision board.

One of the most important steps in the design process of any room is the floor plan.  It defines how the room will be used, gives you a detailed list of what you will be shopping for and keeps you on track throughout the process.  Designing a room without a floor plan is like getting dressed in the dark.  Have you ever got dressed in the dark and left the house with two different colored socks and your shirt inside out?  I rest my case!

The following is a sample floor plan and vision board for a family room/office.  This floor plan shows how one room can have many uses, from home office to family room to entertaining. The console behind the loveseat can be used as a desk during the day, or a makeshift bar in the evening.  The x-stool and leather poufs can easily be moved around for additional seating and the storage under the window seat can be used for office supplies and files, as well as entertaining supplies.



1. Ghost side table  2. Slipcovered sofa  3. Area rug  4. Seagrass coffee table 4. Brass Indian stool  5. Media cabinet


1. Custom desk armoire and window seat  2. Bookshelf  3. Leather pouf  4. Area rug  5. Mirrored console  6. X-Bench

Originally, the homeowner wanted a sectional in the family room, but after seeing it on paper we realized a sofa, loveseat and chairs provided more seating and made more sense with how the room would be used.  Bottom line, a well thought out floor plan will save you time, money and lots of frustration!



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