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TGIF – Floral Crowns



I’ve decided to make every Friday Flower Day!  TGIF – get it?  A different flower arrangement every Friday.  It’s the perfect way to start the weekend don’t you think?

For my first installment, I decided to do a Floral Crown DIY.  Floral crowns are all the rage right now and so much fun to make.  I can picture a group of girls getting together at a bridal shower, Mimosa in hand, making a batch of these.  Or how about making them for a Mother’s Day brunch?  A little girl’s tea party??? Oh the possibilities!

Are you ready?  Let’s get our supplies together:

Floral shears, floral wire, floral tape and a ribbon to measure your head

FloralCrownToolsKeep your flowers close by in some water.  You’ll want to keep them in water till the very last second because once you make your crown they will not be able to get any more hydration. I used ivy for my crown base and a combination of one large peony, sweet peas, freesia and leptosperum for some woodsy texture.

FloralCrownFlowersStart by tying the ribbon around your head like a headband.  Use this as a guide and cut your ivy the same length.  I used two ivy vines just to make sure it would be stable enough to hold my very large peony.  If you are using lighter weight flowers one vine should be fine.  Secure the ends of your ivy vines together with floral wire and now you have your base.

FloralCrownBaseStart cutting your flowers so the stems are about 1″ – 2″ long, just enough to secure to the vine with wire.  Begin wiring your flowers, spacing them evenly around your crown until you achieve the look you want.  Have a mirror close by so you can try on your crown as you go. It looks best if your flowers are all going in the same direction.  Be creative, no two crowns will look alike and that is the beauty of it!  Once you have finished wiring all your flowers on, go back and wrap any visible wire with floral tape.  That’s it!  Now put that crown on and work it!!!






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