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How to Live Like a Princess

The first step in creating the home of your dreams is to know who you are at your core.  I’m not talking about what you do for a living, what your hobbies are or even what you are most passionate about.  I’m talking about which Disney princess you most relate to.  You heard me right! Don’t deny it, you know you have a favorite (and if you are a guy reading this then I guess just go with the prince in the corresponding fairy tale).  This is completely scientific and studies have shown that you will be much happier if you decorate for your inner-princess.

1.  Do you fancy living in a cottage in the middle of the woods, fresh flowers in vases, charming but casual furnishings, and are not afraid of having a few roommates? I believe Snow White is your go-to muse:

CottageDesk Image Source


Image Source

stone wall dining room via missdesign.com (2)

 Image Source

2.  Maybe you are a bit more worldly; not afraid of mixing color and pattern; magic carpets and lanterns are more your style.  Ahhh, Princess Jasmine of course:


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

3.  Do you value books above everything else?  Enough said!  Checkout these libraries Belle:


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

4.  You love the outdoors, adventure and animals.  You have a true frontier spirit and are in touch with nature.  Meet your inner princess – Pocahontas!


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

5.  Last, but certainly not least, this princess stays true to her royal roots.  Classic antiques, crystal chandeliers and rich architectural details are this gal’s weakness.  Can you relate to Princess Aurora?


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source

Just so you know, this is not scientific at all and to my knowledge no studies have been done as to the happiness of those that decorate to their inner-princess.  Having cleared that up, I would love to hear which Disney princess is your favorite and does your home look anything like hers???


3 thoughts on “How to Live Like a Princess

  1. Hi Lynne, I think I am a little Snow White and Princess Aurora. And unfortunately my home looks nothing like either. But I enjoyed associating my style to a Princess. Rhonda

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