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Back-to-School Shopping for Adults

As a kid, I always loved this time of year and the thrill of back-to-school shopping.  I couldn’t wait to get that list of supplies for the coming school year and load up on pencils, markers, paper and of course that ever important binder.  The binder set the stage for everything else on the list and was the central character in the theme of the year.  And while I’m not a kid anymore, nor are my children, I still get that urge every year to go out and update my office supplies.  Here are some things that are on my Adult Back-to-School list this year:

OfficeSupplyListA.  Matching pencils always make your desk look neater. See Jane Work Basic Pencils

B.  I know most people use technology to keep track of appointments, but there is something chic about an old school agenda.  Kate Spade 17 Month Bella Bookshelf Agenda

C.  If you need to have file folders on your desk, they might as well be lovely to look at.  See Jane Work Kate Spade Striped File Folders

D.  Watching the clock never looked so good.  Kate Spade Cross Pointe Clock

E.  & F.  Utilitarian accessories like scissors and staplers don’t need to be boring.  Give these office supplies the Midas touch.  Fatima Dress Making Scissors & Acrylic Gold Stapler both available at Amazon.

G.  Use this beautiful bowl to corral all your small items, like paper clips and rubber bands. H & M Wooden/Turquoise Bowl

H.  Not everything on your desk needs to be useful.  Sometimes it just needs to be pretty. NDI Peony in Glass Cube

I.  The subliminal message on this candle will keep your work-day stress at bay.  H & M Peace Candle







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