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How to decorate like a rebel

This is the time of year when those in the know publish their lists of “What’s in for 2016”. While I love looking at these predictions and getting a glimpse of what to expect in the marketplace, I am not a huge fan of the “What’s out for 2016” lists. I mean, weren’t these the same design GURUS that last year told us to go run out and buy everything “rose gold” only to tell us this year that was so yesterday and don’t even think about that finish for this year. Um, what??? Are we suppose to feel like schmucks this year because we listened to you last year? By the way, I saw “rose gold” on lists for what’s in AND what’s out for 2016, so now I’m just really confused!

I say let’s make our own list, let’s be decorating rebels.  If you loved it last year, chances are you will still love it this year, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. And everything comes back around eventually anyway, so in 10 years you will go from being schmuck to trendsetter. Instead of being schmucks, let’s be rebels and just decorate with what we love!

These are some of the things I’ve seen on the 2016 What’s Out lists, and by the way, I used all of them last year:

Chalkboards, antlers, woven wall hangings, gallery walls, Edison light bulbs, industrial decor, copper or rose gold, matching sets of anything, Moroccan rugs and cowhide.

So here you go my fellow decorating rebels, my interpretation of “What’s out for 2016” and why we’re going to keep using them anyway:


Incidentally, I create cool mood boards like this for my clients all the time, it’s what I do. Check out my Design Services page and message me if you would like more info!


8 thoughts on “How to decorate like a rebel

  1. I love this post!!! I feel so lost because the trends are always changing. It’s good to see that a designer is prepared to rebel!

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