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How to fall back in love with your home

Love Your Home

If you have looked at your calendar in the last few days, you will notice we are now in February, the official month of love. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we are making plans for our significant other, thinking of ways we can show them how much they mean to us. On this one day a year, we put it all out there, the gifts, the love notes and the affection, in an attempt to make up for the fact that we may have been a bit lazy about all this the rest of the year.

I sometimes think we do this with our homes as well. We start taking them for granted, wishing they had this or that and wondering if we might just start looking for another place to call home. But what if your home had feelings too. What if your home could tell you “Hey, this isn’t a one-sided relationship here. What have you done for me lately?” Hmm, puts a whole different perspective on it doesn’t it? You once loved your home and thought it was perfect for you and now you are ready to kick it to the curb for a younger, newer model. Ouch, that hurts! Let me tell you, it is not too late to fall back in love with your home. The best way to show your home some love is to really listen to what it is trying to tell you. I know it can’t actually talk, but if it could, it might sound something like this:

Does all this clutter make my butt look big?  Awww, your home is feeling a little self-conscious about all the clutter everywhere. And can you blame her? How can anyone see her beautiful bone structure hiding behind all that stuff. Having a plan of attack will make it easier to get started. If you can commit to just 10 minutes a day of de-cluttering, you would be amazed how quickly you can turn your home around. Pick a place to start, put 10 minutes on the timer and go! And here’s another trick I like to use. Box up everything that you want to donate and put it in the trunk of your car. You won’t be able to buy anything new until you make space in your trunk by dropping off your donations. Ha, sneaky right?

I see you looking at all those model homes! What do they have that I don’t have?  You think your home doesn’t know you’ve been traipsing around on the weekends ogling all those beautiful model homes? She feels it when you come home with that disappointed look on your face knowing she will never be like those newer, fancier homes you’ve been looking at. But maybe you could use those model homes as a source of inspiration, a way to bring home some ideas to spruce up your house and make it feel fresh again. Look to model homes for inspiration on paint color, window treatment ideas, furniture arrangement and accessories. Then you can come home and say “I saw a lovely shade of gray in this model home I was just at, but I think it would be even prettier on you. What do you say, shall we do a little painting this weekend?”

PeonyArrangementYou don’t bring me flowers anymore!  Did you just sing that?? Well, when was the last time you brought home flowers, just because? You don’t have to have a reason other than a beautiful bouquet of flowers will always make your home feel fresher. Even an inexpensive bouquet from the grocery store, when cut and put into a pretty vase, can brighten any room. Your home will love you for it.

We never have friends over.  Are you embarrassed of me?  Having a little get-together is a fantastic motivator to get your house in order. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a little cocktail party with drinks and appetizers will do. Set the scene with some lit candles and a little mood music. Pull out your best china and cloth napkins to make it feel extra special. Put something on your calendar each month so you will have the motivation to keep your home looking at its best all the time. Your home wants to put on that little black dress and party, don’t deny her this!

Hey, I’m over here! Can you please get off Pinterest for 5 minutes and pay some attention to ME? We are all guilty of it, spending hours and hours on the Internet, gathering ideas and making plans. We have the best  of intentions, pinning all those cute projects and decorating ideas, but do we ever actually get around to implementing any of them. Take a look through your Pinterest boards and pick one thing you can complete this weekend that will be easy, affordable and inspirational. Let your home know that all that time on the Internet was not a waste, you just wanted to do something nice for her.

All I do for you and you don’t appreciate any of it. I don’t know why I even try!  The truth is, there is no perfect home. We can spend all our time wishing for something that our home will never be, or we can appreciate and give gratitude for everything that it is. It is a shelter from the elements, a roof over our heads, even though the roof may be leaking in a few spots. It is a place to make memories with family and loved ones, a refuge from a bad day at work and a safe place to dream big dreams. It is a place to cultivate our creativity and weave a story only we can tell. For everything my home isn’t, I’m so thankful for all that it is. She has never let me down, although at times I may have let her down. I have watched my children grow up here, celebrated holidays, birthdays and so many parties just because. Now I see my grandson running down the hallway to my husband’s office yelling “Pop Pop” and I know my house is smiling as big as I am. Yep, I love this old house and she knows it!



4 thoughts on “How to fall back in love with your home

  1. You are hilarious! Such a clever writer and home designer. Your home would never feel under-appreciated and say all those things. Way to keep her happy. ;D

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