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Design Trends for 2013 – A Year in Review

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, with lots of time spent with family, good food and good friends.  As the last few days of 2013 come to an end, I like to reflect on all that I am grateful for this year, as well as my goals and ambitions for the new year. … Continue reading Design Trends for 2013 – A Year in Review

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Homefront – What’s My Style

What is my style?  I was working with a client the other day when this question came up.  We were looking at fabric samples and narrowing down our selection for a chair to be re-upholstered.  We found one we both loved, the colors were perfect, the scale was just right, it was durable and would… Continue reading Homefront – What’s My Style

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Clutter Control Week 2 – Desk Armoire

Do you remember, before flat screens, how humongous TVs used to be?  We had one of those ridiculously large televisions and it was impossible to find an entertainment center big enough to hold it.  After searching and searching for something that would work and not finding anything, my husband decided to build it himself.  I found a… Continue reading Clutter Control Week 2 – Desk Armoire

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Homefront Week 1- Projects for 2013

So one of my goals this year is to get to all the projects around the house that I have been wanting to do for a very long time but just never got around to.   So far, I have had success sticking to my resolutions by jotting them down and holding myself accountable. It’s only… Continue reading Homefront Week 1- Projects for 2013